Glam Makeup Over 50 in Less Than 5 Minutes

Your 3 step, 5 minute makeup routine is perfect for a quick, every day look, but what about when you need something a little more glam?

If you're headed out on a date, to a wedding, party or other occasion you might be after a makeup look that's a little more special.

The right makeup touches can quickly transform your look from everyday beauty to night out glam. With the Natural Glow Trio it only takes a few minutes to step up your look.

Follow our 3 simple steps to master your night out beauty routine...


1. Cleanse, Moisturiser, and Prime Your Face

Whether you choose to apply foundation and concealer when you're going out or stick to your 3 step routine your base will be key to your look.

After cleansing, apply your Moisture Stick directly from the tube all over your face. This will quickly hydrate your skin and create a perfect base for your makeup.


2. Accentuate Your Eyes

Making your eyes pop is a quick and easy way to glam up your look.

Well-tamed brows are a staple for a put-together look - simply apply a little of the Moisture Stick to your fingers and sweep them into place.

Next up, mascara, apply directly from the brush at the base of your lashes, and wiggle upwards for full coverage. If you have one to hand, an eyelash curler can make lashes stand out even more.

Adding a pop of colour to the crease of your eyes can make all the difference in transforming your look. We like to use the gradient technique - apply your darkest colour closest to the lash line and fade it out towards your brow bone.

To achieve this with your Tint Stick simply apply the stick to your fingers or a fluffy eyeshadow brush, start at the base of your eyes nearest your lash line and blend upwards towards the crease of your eye socket. Start with a little product and build it up, blending with the fluffy brush as you go to create a rose-coloured smoky eye.

To finish the look add a swipe of the Glow Stick to your brow bone and inner corner of each eye.


3. Add Final Touches

Apply the Tint Stick to the tops of your cheekbones lightly and blend up towards your temples for extra warmth - applying your blush with this technique natural lifts the face compared to more traditional methods.

Opting for cream lipstick over a gloss or matte formula will allow your lips to breathe and won't crease throughout the night. Apply the Tint Stick directly to your lips for a perfect sweep of colour.

A good highlighter enhances your complexion, provides brighter skin, highlights the high points of your face – cheekbones, nose bridge, nose tip, the centre of the chin and forehead.

The added radiance from the Glow Stick is a subtle replacement for heavy glitter and shimmer formulas. Apply to the high points of your face for a glowing, put-together, glam look.


And just like that, you’ve created a stunning look that’s just right for any special occasion.

Leave a comment… Do you add extra makeup touches for a night out or a party? Share your tips in the comments below.